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Divide & Conquer.

Break down a problem into pieces, brainstorm, dissolve it in creativity and a solution takes birth.

Customize & Transform.

We learn, innovate, build and deploy. The world of technology transformsAHJKSAD us and we transform the world.

Plant & Grow .

We give life to your magnificent ideas.

About Us

Advanca Technologies

We believe in transforming work and life through technological innovation. Providing you with the best IT solutions, we build on our relations to stay connected and help you use technology to make your mark in the world. Type of industry does not limit us for we use IT to fuel up every market.

    Our Approach

  • 1. People

    You empower the process that leads to the development of the final product.

  • 2. Problem

    Understanding the problem is the key to reach the best solution.

  • 3. Process

    With our team of experts, we proceed to add value to your brand. We create long lasting relationships to help you in all stages of product development, especially post completion.

  • 4. Product

    We meet the deadlines and ensure that our product and service quality remind you of our expertise. .

Our Expertise.

Web Applications

We provide fundamental framework to businesses for leveraging their online presence and make an impact in the online outbound market. This helps our clients in developing long-lasting and profitable relationships with their customers.

Mobile Application

We thoroughly design and develop mobile apps based on iOS and Andriod.

Desktop Application

An immaculate application that runs stand alone in a desktop or laptop computer.

Social Media Applications

We create such applications that increase customer engagement. We help our customers in reaching their customers through technology.

Our WorkFlow.

“If you have an idea, hold your ground and shoot for the stars. When complicated is simple. An ingenious innovation is coming your way!”




Our clients/partners

Our portfolio boasts a wide range of projects which are also reflective of our expertise as well as adversity. We strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of the field and work tirelessly to succeed our clients’ expectations.

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